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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who is Troy Carter?

Who am I?

I am a 30 something year old photographer with a background as a design engineer. My wife and I have one Son and a soon to be here daughter. I am always outgoing and fit in well at parties, which works out well for weddings. Some people think I'm a techie but I think I've only really got one foot in that hole with the other foot stuck in a pile of fun.

Why me over the other guys?

Simple, I strive to provide outstanding photography with unbeatable customer relationships. I’m dedicated to you and your needs no matter what they may be and work with you in order to achieve your goals. I like to form relationships with my clients that allow my work and what I supply to you to be as good as it gets and to fit with exactly what you have envisioned. I deal directly and honestly with Clients from the very beginning and I am available to support my work and products at all stages of our working relationship.

What about my work?

Did I mention that I like to have fun? Well, I also like to have fun when taking pictures so I try to keep things upbeat and fun when I'm working and I like to show that with some of my work. I prefer vivid photographs that draw you into the subject but I don't claim to have a single specific style, instead I shoot with various styles depending on the mood of the event. I love, love, love outdoor shoots just about anywhere with some of my favorite photographs being taken at some of the most unlikely locations.

My favorite tools:

>Canon Professional Digital Cameras

Hey, look it's me creating some photographs.

Why not let TCP capture your timeless moments?


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